COVID-19 Mapping and Mitigation in Schools

CoMMinS aims to give us an understanding of COVID-19 infection dynamics centred around school pupils and staff and onward transmission to family contacts.

We are doing this now as reopening schools brings new challenges and new opportunities to study the natural history of COVID-19 in young people. We want to know about the role of young people in mitigating against disease transmission. We also want to find out about the impact on mental wellbeing.

CoMMinS involves a number of primary, secondary and special schools in Bristol, but what we are learning is be important to national decision-making for outbreak control.

The study team welcomes the vaccination programme being rolled out in Bristol. Vaccination protects most people from serious illness.

We do not yet know how or whether vaccination changes how Covid-19 spreads. This is an important question that the CoMMinS study can help to answer. People can take part in the our non-invasive saliva testing programme whether they have had a vaccination or not.

The programme is led by a team of researchers from the University of Bristol and co-produced in partnership with Bristol City Council, Public Health England and Bristol Schools.