Pupils and parents

The CoMMinS study will help us to discover more about the transmission of Covid-19 in schools, and how to stop the spread.

If you participate you can expect:

  • To read information about the study and sign a consent form to say that you agree to take part
  • To provide saliva samples for Covid-19 testing, at school (or at home, if you we invite you to and you agree)
  • To complete a short and confidential questionnaire about your health and your social contacts (we will ask parents or carers to do this, with their child, on their child’s behalf, for children under 16)

All aspects of the research are approved by an NHS Research Ethics Commitee and are sponsored by the University of Bristol.

How the study saliva sampling works

Pupils in several Bristol schools are taking part in this study to slow the spread of Covid-19. Trained researchers visit schools to collect saliva samples from pupils who have agreed to take part. The samples are then taken away by the researchers to be analysed in a University of Bristol lab to check for current or previous Covid-19 infection.

The following video explains how the testing works in this study.

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What happens if the test results are positive?

If our lab test shows that you have Covid-19, we will tell you (or your parent/carer, if you are under 16) as soon as possible, and you will need to stay at home. Please read the study information sheet that’s right for you to find out more.

We know that staying at home has a big impact on your life and on your family. Bristol City Council can provide help for families who have to stay at home due to Covid-19.

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health provides Covid-19 healthcare advice for

If you have any questions, please contact the study team by sending an email to BVC-coordinators@bristol.ac.uk.

Study information sheets

The study information is available in different versions. Please let us know if you need the study information translated into another language, by emailing the study team: BVC-coordinators@bristol.ac.uk.

For parents

For post-16 pupils

For secondary school pupils

For primary school pupils

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